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Vape and tobacco smoking affects your health, ecocig.se explains.

Smoking is not only associated

With lung cancer but to a bundle of lethal diseases. Like heart disease, stroke, cancers of bladder, throat, mouth, kidneys, cervix, pancreas, etc. Almost one-third of deaths in the world are reported to be due to smoking and passive smoking. It is associated with 90% of lung cancer cases only in the United States.

The bitter fact

Is that too many adults are linked with smoking, vaping. And also use other forms of tobacco, especially between the ages of 21 to 34. On average, a smoker dies 10 years earlier than a non-smoker. You may be among one of those but “quitting”. Is always there as a big option to survive for a longer period. The health risks of e-cigarettes are quite uncertain but they are likely to be safer than tobacco smoke. The majority of toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. Are absent in e-cigarettes but if it becomes a long-term habit, a quitter may turn back to smoking.

Those present mostly contribute to less than 1% of corresponding levels in tobacco cigarettes. However, repeated exposure to vaping over a long time can cause potential risks. So, the risks and benefits of vaping are in control until you take control over yourself. Vaping is only a beneficial source towards quitting but if you make it a habit. It can eventually leave you exposed with various health hazards just like smoking tobacco itself. 

What Makes Smoking Tobacco So Dangerous?

According to a report submitted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are more than 5000 types of various chemicals found just in cigarette smoke. The list of these chemicals with their particulars is given below:

  • 1,3-Butadiene: A carcinogenic chemical that is linked with certain blood cancers.
  • Arsenic: It can cause cancer of lungs, skin, bladder, and liver.
  • Benzene: It is particularly associated with leukemias in the human body.
  • Cadmium: Its compounds can cause lung cancer, prostate and kidney’s cancer as well.
  • Chromium VI: It is associated with cancer of the nose and nasal sinuses, plus lungs cancer.
  •  Formaldehyde: One of the most prominent chemicals to cause respiratory cancer and leukemias.
  • Polonium-210: A radioactive element found in cigarette’s smoke that has been proved to cause cancer in animals.
  • Tar: It is a mixture of lethal chemicals that leaves a sticky, brown residue on your lungs, nails, and teeth.
  • Carbon monoxide and Nicotine: A dangerous duo that when inhaled forms plaque on your arteries.

They harden over time reducing blood supply to the heart and may lead to an attack. Nicotine, on the other hand, increases blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow as well. It is also one of the most addictive materials used in cigarettes, vapes, and other tobacco products.

Secondhand Smoke:

Smoking itself is definitely injurious to your own health but to other’s as well. Secondhand smoke and vapor are a serious hazard for other people around, especially children. Nonsmokers who already have high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol level. Are even more prone to heart diseases when exposed to secondhand smoke. Children of smokers are reported to have more chest infections as compared to non-smokers. It can promote a high degree of illness in those who. Are successively exposed for tobacco smoke at home or at work.

Why Do You need to Quit Smoking Right Now?

When a strong craving hits, it can be easy to lose focus on the benefits of the quitting. But there is no good reason to smoke as well. Every minute, try to remind yourself of the drops of smoking (already mentioned) and rewards of quitting. The immediate rewards include safety of your lungs and blood from exposure to harmful chemical. Prevention of any more toxins from entering your organs, and reduction in nicotine levels in the body. After 20 minutes of your last smoke, your body starts healing. At the very start, you may feel worse instead of feeling any better. At that point, when you lose all your control. And decide to smoke another last cigarette of your life, you can switch to vaping.

What is Vaping?
Ecocig.se vape

It is an act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, which is often referred to as vapor. It is produced by an e-cigarette or any other similar advice. This e-cig do not produce tobacco smoke but rather an aerosol composed of rather safe particles. It is often said that e-cig does contain nicotine and harmful for your health as well. Every product in the world has its pros and cons. The nicotine included in the e-cig is usually to make you feel a little better. After you quit on heavy doses. It is definitely not an easy task to get rid of your addiction instantly. Well, ecocig.se ensures healthy and safe products for vaping.

How Vaping can Help you Quit Smoking?

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to quit smoking entirely. If you can’t help yourself doing so, let’s give e-cigarettes a try. Ecocig.se sells one of the best e-cig, e-liquid products that can actually help you get rid of tobacco entirely. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life chained to nicotine or tobacco. But you can kick this off slowly by relying on e-cig initially. The e-juice used in vaping devices by ecocig.se comprises a variety of mixtures. That are free from all these hazardous products. The nicotine strength varies depending upon your addiction to nicotine. You can gradually reduce your addiction to nicotine, but not at once and we feel that.

Why ecocig.se can be your best choice?

Ecocig.se as a team works together to ensure the health of its customers from all over the world. Vaping can’t be your lifelong choice. But it is only a bridge in your journey of removing nicotine from your life completely. We did a lot of research, consulted medical practitioners and then devised this whole plan. To help you quit tobacco for the rest of your life. If you are a beginner, no need to worry as we are all here to help you. But one thing you need to do consistently is to “Stay with Us Until the Journey Ends.”

Where to Start the Journey?

If you are thinking that right now, let ecocig.se help you to start with. If you’re having a hard time quitting, you can begin with “Starter Package for Beginners”. You can find all the accessories for a perfect vaping experience. You can always consult with our experts to ask about the quantity of nicotine or your e-liquid. It comes in a variety of flavors to help you cope with a changing experience. And we at every moment trying to make this experience more flavorsome for you. All the products including the e-liquids are endured to contain least chemicals to put. You on a healthy path towards quitting and achieving our goal.

Building Your Own E-Cig

The motto of ecocig.se is to promote vaping to the extent that it least damages. Your lungs and other body parts. If you are not so sure about the quality of e-cig you already own from any other company. You can make one for your own choice by having a look at our most popular and working DIYs. It is not only interesting but aims you to take care of yourself. By using a product that actually you build yourself. You can choose from one of our Tobacco, Dessert, Fruit, Beverages, or Premium e-liquids. Or rather make it yourself by choosing from our recipes. We are trying at our best to take care of our customers. By making their first vaping experience the best of all.

A Simple Guide from Vaping to Quitting

Beginning with our starter pack, where you can get all the accessories and free guide from ecocig.se. You always have the option the great option of switching your mode to a new model. Our manufacturers make sure that each model brings with it a super and easy technique. To get you going through this journey. You need to learn when to change the batteries or charge them. So that you can benefit from each e-cig for as long as you can. It might get you confused a little in the start but soon you’ll get used to it. Eventually, you can build your stamina to quit vapes too.

E-Cig without Nicotine

Ecocig.se brings you e-cig with no nicotine levels at all. And will give you a feeling just like smoking with nicotine. This is essential for those who find it hard to quit on their strong addiction. There are people who finish a pack a day. And even more, for them it seems totally impossible to quit smoking. Well, ecocig.se can make it possible for die heart smokers too. Our mixture is rich in vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water and flavors (Tobacco). That will give you a feeling of just smoking nicotine. As soon as the levels of nicotine will drop in your body, that mostly takes 3 days. Your body starts getting healing over the extra demands of nicotine.  

Ecocig.se could be your Last Destination

Researchers recruited over 900 people who wanted to quit smoking and assigned half of them to vaping. And another half to use different nicotine products (nicotine patches and gums). After a period of one year, it was reported that:

  • Those who were assigned vaping, 18% of them had stopped smoking while only 10% of nicotine replacement therapy reported quitting.
  • Reports of cough and phlegm production dropped significantly in the group of vapers.
These e-cigs

were reported to contain relatively low amounts of nicotine which made sure that they quit smoking permanently. And so is ecocig.se, it helps its customers to gradually quit on nicotine levels. And make sure that they use the best quality e-cig which emits clean smoke. The concern regarding vaping could be appropriate but all the products launched by ecocig.se. Are free of chemical and hazardous mixtures that lead to various diseases. A lot of people who are vaping are still prone to lungs cancer, respiratory diseases, and cancers. This is because the products still include in them all the toxins and do not ensure any quality of e-cig. It is just like replacing one bad habit with another but ecocig.se. Launches various programs every year to help you quit smoking forever.

ecocig.se has its own motive and that is not to promote vaping. But to quit smoking by the aid of vaping. This might be your very first step but make sure that can’t be your last one. Eventually, you will get rid of all the noxious chemicals in your body and ensure a healthy body system. Your health and safety are our main concerns. A vape-free society is definitely a healthy society but to reach that point we need to make sure that. We do not smoke tobacco or other similar products at least. Healthy lungs mean a healthy body. And a healthy respiratory system that can prolong your life over a period of 10 years. Smoke Healthy, Stay Healthy.